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Use Credia to easily manage all your financial decisions. Register and track all your personal transactions, credit between you and your peers.


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Monitor your business transactions

Record and track all your transactions from one place. Get customers’ account statements by the click of a button. Make decisions on how to manage your expenses

Quick & Seamless Collections

No need for many calls to remind customers of outstanding credit.Send free reminder messages via SMS or Whatsapp

Secure Transaction Data

Keep all your customers’ transaction data safe through Credia. Easily retrieve the data by clicking on the specific profiles

Who We Are

  • We are a software development company focused on creating digital solutions that consumers can use to improve their lives. We build software to enable instant transactions among peers and between businesses and suppliers.
  • We believe that financial inclusion is key such that all consumers enjoy seamless digital experiences without regard of their distance and social status
  • Credia is a one stop platform for individuals and businesses to log their transactions and manage credit offered to their customers.

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